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IV Therapy

Intravenous (IV) nutrition is much more than intravenous vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients. Our IV nutrition program has consistently been proven to be one of the most effective ways to improve on many numerous health conditions.

The benefits of intravenous nutrition programs have been described as life changing. While all IV nutrition programs are individually tailored, the programs can be specifically designed for: boosting energy, improving one’s immune system, lowering blood pressure, improving circulation, decreasing inflammation, and improving mental focus and concentration.

Advantages of Intravenous Therapy

Nutrients delivered directly to cells through the bloodstream

With intravenous nutrient therapy, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are quickly circulated through your bloodstream and delivered to cells, where they are immediately available for use. Since the nutrients are placed directly into your blood, there’s no waiting for the nutrients to clear the digestive system and the liver.

Fewer side effects

Intravenous vitamin therapy bypasses the stomach and intestines. This means no upset stomach or intestinal problems like cramps, nausea, or diarrhea, which sometimes result from taking high doses of certain vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and magnesium.

Allows for high-dose therapy necessary for effective treatment outcomes

Research has shown that there are specific blood or tissue concentrations of certain nutrients that must be achieved in order for them to be pharmacologically active. Vitamin C is a good example of such a nutrient. Numerous studies show high concentrations of Vitamin C are required in the serum and intracellular fluid before it can exert its beneficial effects.

These high concentrations simply cannot be achieved by taking the nutrients orally; the bulk of vitamins and minerals swallowed in pill or liquid form is excreted, with very little actually absorbed into the bloodstream. Complicating this further is that many patients have conditions that impair their intestinal absorption in the first place. Finally, as noted above, many patients cannot tolerate high doses of certain vitamins and minerals because these upset their stomachs. Therefore, only intravenous vitamin therapy can directly deliver pharmacologically effective doses of the required nutrients.

Treatment of specific medical conditions based on clinical evidence and/or study data

When you visit Forum Health in Chicago for IV Therapy, our board-certified doctor will complete a full assessment of your health and medical history to ensure that any condition you are suffering from, whether it’s intestinal malabsorption or the common cold, is treated in the most effective and appropriate manner. As we age we become more nutritionally deficient. Later, this can result in damage to your DNA – damage that can lead to premature aging, chronic disease, cancer and early death. IV nutrition therapy presents a powerful way to help the body at a cellular level to be more efficient and to also repair itself from the toxic environment that we live in. Therapies that help repair the damages we encounter are called regenerative medicine. IV nutrition therapy is the cornerstone for regenerative medicine.

IV therapies usually last from 30 minutes to one hour. Depending on the specific protocol being administered, some may last up to two hours. Total treatment courses usually consist initially of 10 to 20 IV therapy sessions, with monthly follow-up treatments.


We offer the following IV therapies:



  • Glutathione Detox – This powerful antioxidant reduces free radicals, repairs tissue, boosts cellular processes and is essential for a properly functioning immune system.
  • Weight Loss Quick Booster Shot – Get a quick boost in your day with our weight loss shot. Fat-burning amino acids, B6, B12, and L-carnitine increase metabolic rate and aid in fat and cholesterol metabolism. Add to your daily regime!
  • Energy Quick Booster Shot – Increase energy, improve recovery. A premium B12 injection with L-carnitine and glutamine for whole-body health. A mixture of B vitamins are involved in the generation of energy and metabolism.

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