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Healing ED Invests in Sexual Health, Relationships and Family

Each couple’s intimacy is a foundation for the family unit they build. When that intimacy is damaged by the physical limitations of one or both partners, the weakness can spread to the couple’s emotional bond. Every day stresses become more challenging, while trust erodes under the forces of hurt and embarrassment.

The problem is so common that 40% of the men who come to Forum Health Chicago as patients note problems with sexual performance. These men are taking control of their health care as investments in themselves and their families.

Many physicians offer prescription solutions to sexual problems, but such crutches are temporary and carry with them the risks associated with pills and topical creams. In addition, these solutions treat only the symptoms of the patient’s experiences, not the cause of the concerns. In other words, the prescriptions neither treat the problems or improve the patient’s health.

“It’s hard to find a man in his late 40s who hasn’t tried some sort of ED [Erectile Dysfunction] medication,” said Jason Solid, a patient of ours who sought and received improved sexual health.

We offered Jason a safe alternative that treats the underlying cause of ED. There are a number of physical and psychological issues that can lead to ED, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, even stress. As men age, poor blood flow associated with plaque in the arteries becomes more prevalent.

We are the only medical practice in Chicago to provide the revolutionary sound wave treatment, called GAINSWave™, which destroys these barriers to blood flow. GAINSWave™ works by using pulsating sound waves to improve blood flow and reverse the damage of ED.

The sound waves demolish plaque buildup in the system of arteries that supply the penis’s natural function, building an opportunity for each couple to renew their physical relationship more naturally. For patients who want to improve their sexual health and invest in their relationships with their partners, this therapy can be life changing.

Many of our patients report improvement after just a handful of sessions, experiencing healthier and sustainable erections from this non-invasive treatment originally developed to treat such physical ailments as kidney stones. Used for ED in Europe for the past 15 years, the technology is well studied with safe, consistent results.

After six treatments, one third of our patients are able to eliminate pills or creams entirely, while another 60% are able to move forward with reduced dosages of prescriptions. All told, 90% of Forum Health Chicago patients experience greater success and satisfaction in their love life.

The painless GAINSWave™ therapy works on all the symptoms of ED, including the intensity of orgasms, the appearance of the penis and stamina.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of ED, think about treating it now, without the side effects of the little blue pill. It’s not just an investment in your sexual health, but also in your intimate connections and happiness of your family.

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