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Exercise or Die!

“What fits your busy schedule better, exercising one hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day” – cartoonist Randy Glasbergen.

This cartoon sits in my office and is often commented on by patients. It serves as a great ice breaker for when we start to discuss the topic of exercise. Every appointment with every patient, I ask them about their exercise.

The Lifestyle Renovation

The medical literature is clear, next to what you eat; exercising is the single most important factor in determining your health and in the prevention of disease.

Let’s review a few Rules of Engagement:

Rule One: Just Do It.

This famous logo from Nike has profound meaning to me and many of my patients. If you are not exercising, then you need to find something, anything, to do. I recommend for those patients just starting out buying a Fitbit. This amazing device helps monitor your daily steps (among other things). Research has proven that getting 10,000 steps per day (about a 4 mile walk) has significant benefits on your overall health. Another helpful hint for those desk jockeys is a Treadmill Desk may be a simple solution allowing you to walk while you work on the computer and answer your phone. This journey does in fact start with one step at a time.

Rule Two: Exercise needs to be diverse.

Just doing one type of exercise simply isn’t enough. We all need to run, jump, lift and stretch. Even knowing this, as we all do, often people need to diversify their workouts. Studies even show that short one-minute bursts of activity (like taking the stairs instead of the elevator) increases your heart rate variability (more on this tomorrow) and add years to your life. Mix up your workout routine by taking different classes, engaging in different activities, get outside of your comfort zone.

Rule Three: Exercise needs to be varied in intensity.

Sometimes slow, sometimes fast. If you are running long distance, then incorporate sprints. If you are lifting heavy, then incorporate lower weights with higher repetitions.

The Lifestyle Renovation
Over the past 5 years, I have had the opportunity to work with Chicago’s best trainers. As my patients may only see me a few times a year, finding a great trainer for them is one of the greatest benefits (and investments) that each patient can make. At Chicago Integrative Care, we pride ourselves on the quality of information we give to our readers, including referrals to Chicago’s finest trainers.

However, I do understand that trainers, especially the great ones, are expensive.

So I was pleasantly pleased when I had a visit from one of my favorite trainers yesterday, Joey Thurman. Joey Thurman is fitness/nutrition expert, celebrity trainer, cover model, television fitness personality (Fox, WCIU, and ABC), published fitness author, and creator of The Lifestyle Renovation.

As part of my commitment to Chicago, I wanted readers of Facebook to know about his new program, Lifestyle Renovations. This is an online program which maps out a successful training program for anyone at any level of fitness. The Exercise Programs include 8-week home fitness, 6-week bikini boot camp, a Sculpt System, a Big and Lean Men program, and many more. Varied in price and affordable, it may provide to you, our reader, the structure and guidance which everyone needs to take those first steps. For those who are daily exercisers, this program allows for you to consult online with Joey Thurman himself in determining how to continue to improve and maximize your power and your health.

As many of my patients want a great trainer, but need to watch their budget or want to work out at home, this may be just the solution for which they are looking.

You can check out Joey Thurman and The Lifestyle Renovation at

Hey Chicago, no more excuses, Just Do It!