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Chronic Inflammation IS THE Silent Killer!

Inflammation is the body’s response to everything which is not YOU. Whether that is stressors, lack of sleep, infections, injuries, allergens, a poor diet, toxins, and well, the list goes on and on.

Chronic Inflammation is more common than you think. Chronic Inflammation can cause stroke, heart attack and even cancer. It starts as a slow burn inside of your body and acts as an emergency vehicle responding to stressors, lack of sleep, infections, injuries, allergens, a poor diet, or toxins.

The tender throbbing hot spots which may feel uncomfortable are actually part of your body’s natural response. It means your immune system is sending internal signals to launch white blood cells and protein to destroy infection and heal injuries.

But if the inflammation lingers after the job is done, or your immune system becomes confused and misfires by accident, what was once your best friend can quickly become your worst enemy.

When inflammation becomes chronic, your body’s natural defense system takes a turn for the worse by starting a sneak attack on your joints, tissue and blood vessels wreaking havoc on all those areas which were once pain free. That’s when the slow burning throb becomes a five alarm fire.

For years, researchers have found that chronic inflammation can be linked to rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and asthma, but the newest and most modern research shows a lot more.

Chronic Inflammation IS THE Silent Killer!

Chronic inflammation can very well be at the heart of the life threatening diseases which we all fear the most, cancer, heart attacks, diabetes and even Alzheimer’s.

Chronic inflammation is often felt by most patients as joint and muscle aches, fatigue, weight gain, difficulty sleeping, mental fog, memory loss, bloating and bowel irregularities, headaches, runny nose, and difficulty in breathing.

You can see Chronic Inflammation in yourself by looking in the mirror and asking “Is my skin too shiny and red? Is my hair dry and listless? Is there swelling under my eyes? Am I carrying too much weight, especially weight which is difficult in coming off?” The physical signs of chronic inflammation are easy to identify for those who simply ask the question “Do I look healthy?”

There are many lab tests which you can request of your healthcare provider to see if you have an immune system which is too geared up or even more worrisome, too geared down.

There are hormones to test, such as salivary cortisol to see if your anti-inflammation is too active or too suppressed.

Talk to your healthcare provider if you think that you may chronic inflammation.



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